Solar and Wind Power as Alternative Sources of Energy

21st August, 2009 title

Saving money and protecting the environment are two things prevalent on the minds of responsible people in American society today. It is possible to achieve both goals by pursuing the advantages of alternative energy. The two most popular methods of creating reliable energy sources are solar panels and wind generators. Successful insulations are becoming more the norm and are being imitated by the aware public.
Although not the answer in every situation, wind generation has some distant advantages and is a good option to consider especially for remote areas. Homemade wind generators are amazingly simple, reliable and cost effective. They can be valuable in the majority of locations since, in most cases, a wind generator only requires 6 to 8 mph of wind to be efficient.

If, for some reason, your location is not conducive to wind generation, solar power may be your energy source of choice. There are numerous applications for solar power and a variety of systems exist to meet almost any need for energy through the use of solar panels.

What is the cost of alternative energy?

Obviously that depends a great deal on the type of system and the energy requirements for any given situation. Every application is unique and requires an analysis of needs, location and long-term results desired.  Solar panels and solar systems can be very expensive and require technical and professional installation. There are options available if a homeowner is willing to produce some of the assembly and installation required for the system. Homemade solar panels and DIY solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular as the public becomes increasingly aware of energy increases in cost and decreases in efficiency of public utilities. The balance is an attempt to cut initial cost outlay to decrease the return on investment time frame.

It is also possible to create homemade wind energy through the use of simple techniques and resources. It is amazing how easy it is to obtain the necessary materials and knowledge to be producing “green energy” through the use of a homemade wind generator.

So Why not make one yourself?

With proper research, and a basic knowledge of tools, it is certainly possible for the average homeowner to create and install an alternative energy source for their home or to provide service a remote area where public utility installation not a viable option. There are a variety of guides to facilitate the homeowner in achieving homemade alternative energy. If budget is a limiting factor, having the ability to produce a solar power energy system or a wind generator energy system is still within reach of most homeowners. With proper knowledge, either system can prove to be extremely effective and a good investment that will help cut down the impact of increasing energy costs.

There are some optimistic projections that indicate we are potentially a few years away from the majority of our electrical energy needs being met by alternative, renewable energy sources. Whether of not that proves to be the case, by investing in some time and labor, today’s homeowner does have resources available to start on the path of energy independence.  What we do know for certain is that energy costs are on the increase and not likely to come down soon. Having the options available to meet personal needs is comforting.

Investing in a guide to homemade solar energy and homemade wind energy is a good way to obtain some insights into what is possible and to understanding some of what goes into the production of energy through solar and/or wind energy sources.

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