Motion Power

28th September, 2012 title


Heres a great article we found on New Energy Technologies website at Enjoy.

MotionPower™ is best suited for high traffic locations where vehicles are already slowing down. Example installation sites include toll plazas, rest stops, highway off-ramps, truck depots, and traffic calming zones.
Traffic studies show more than 250 million vehicles are registered in America, and an estimated 6 billion miles are driven on our nation’s roads every day. If the kinetic energy generated by moving vehicles was captured at any given moment, it could produce enough electricity to power over a quarter million homes each day.
New Energy Technologies, Inc. is developing novel MotionPower™ technologies which harness excess vehicle energy (‘kinetic’ or ‘rolling’ energy) and convert it to sustainable electricity. These roadway-based energy harvesting systems are an alternative energy technology which captures kinetic energy of decelerating cars and trucks and creatively converts this captured energy to usable electricity.

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